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Swiss career hub for global citizens
We help driven Non-EU talent land their dream jobs in Switzerland. 
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Apply to access our Swiss Career Hub. We will need your CV or LinkedIn to assess your work permit chances.

Get your Swiss work permit verification

Within 2 working days, we will provide you with your success chances and, if you have a fit profile, the Swiss work permit verification letter and outsourcing options. You can attach the letter to your job applications!

Access our templates and guides

Get 12-months access to our templates, webinars and guides on how to increase your chances of securing a job in Switzerland. 

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What's included

Swiss work permit verification

  • Get an overview of the Swiss work permit procedure applicable to your case.

  • Receive a personalized assessment of your chances and get our Work Permit Verification letter, which you can attach to your job applications. 

  • Boost your chances of getting a Swiss job by offering your future employer to outsource the work permit procedure. 

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Templates and examples

  • Real CV and cover letter examples that helped our clients from different industries and countries land their job in Switzerland.

  • Templates for LinkedIn messages and ways to present your reference contacts and work permit status.

Job search prep guides

  • Learn how to articulate your thought process and ask the right questions during interviews.

  • Benefit from our job applications tracker so you have an overview of all your applications in one place.

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